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8:02 am
Tue January 29, 2013

Motorcycles And Miami Don't Always Mix, But Then There's The 360-Degree Views

Andrews says the attention needed on a motorcycle helps him reset after the workday.
Credit Photo provided

Perhaps you’ve seen the phrase “Live to Ride—Ride to Live” on a T-shirt or bumper sticker somewhere. It has been on my belt buckle for about 30 years. Motorcycling has been a passion of mine pretty much from the day I got my driver’s license. The activity of being in the wind, leaning into corners, the sight of a bike, and the very simplistic nature of the machine, all bring joy.

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Death On Two Wheels
9:26 am
Mon December 3, 2012

Why Nostalgia Can Be Fatal For Old Bikers

Living To Ride: Some retired bikers can't resist the call of the road.
Credit From the movie "Waking Ned Devine"

Motorcycle deaths are on the rise in Florida. And within that finding is another story: older bikers  dying in increasing numbers.

University researchers say riding motorcycles is a popular hobby for retired Baby Boomers, many of whom rode when they were younger. But now, according to the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida in Tampa, their reflexes, eyesight and overall bike skills have eroded, and some of them are no longer safe on the road.

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