Miami Science Museum

The Art of Science
8:00 am
Tue February 12, 2013

From The Curious Vault At The Miami Science Museum: J.P. Friez’s Electrical Sunshine Recorder

The Electrical Sunshine Recorder
Credit Dogan Arslanoglu

“I manufacture but one type of these Registers: THE BEST.” -Julien P. Friez

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The Art of Science
3:00 pm
Tue February 5, 2013

From The Curious Vault At The Miami Science Museum: Mr. Williamson’s Submarine Tube

Sp.69, Sp.71, Sp. 72, 1924, watercolor on paper 11 3/4 x 9 inches

  “I call this my magic window.” -Captain Nemo from the 1916 version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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The Art of Science
7:00 am
Wed January 30, 2013

From The Curious Vault At The Miami Science Museum: Turtles

A living fossil, sea turtles still nest up and down the busy and overbuilt South Florida coast and travel past our shores throughout the year. The various species of ocean roaming turtle are approximately 200-300 million years old but because they lay their eggs on our beaches, scientists are able to closely study the nomadic animals. For this reason, and with modern techniques such as satellite tagging, we can occasionally glimpse closely into their mysterious lives.

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The Art Of Science
3:00 pm
Fri January 25, 2013

From The Curious Vault At The Miami Science Museum: Calcite

The calcite in question.

 Tucked away on a high shelf in the collections room of the Museum of Science is a startlingly unique rock specimen. It is white with long jutting crystal arms and made of a fragile mineral called calcite. The piece looks like it comes from completely different planet.

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Reptile Day
2:27 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

Miami Science Museum Is Going To Teach You How To Eat Like A Lizard

You can eat like a lizard if you go to Reptile Day at the Miami Science Museum.
Credit Ashley Lopez / WLRN

Here's a break from the relentness news about this year's election.

For those of you not stuck in a long line on the last day of early voting on Saturday, you can distract yourself at the Miami Science Museum's Reptile Day.

Among the many activities they are putting together is a "live python animal presentation," a turtle race and an "eat like a reptile cooking demonstration."

Yes. You read right. There will be food served that is typically eaten by lizards.

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Remembering Andrew
11:52 am
Thu August 23, 2012

Bryan Norcross: Lack Of Radio Access During Hurricane Is A Public Safety Issue

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory.

Last week, WLRN premiered part of its “Remembering Andrew” radio documentary Thursday to an audience at Miami Science Museum.

Bryan Norcross was an invited guest.  Norcross, of course, became famous for his ongoing coverage of and guidance during the storm.

During a panel discussion following the airing of the first part of the special, Norcross talked about his memories of the people he talked to during the storm and the region’s struggles afterward.

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