Golf Course Fight
8:30 am
Fri January 25, 2013

West Palm Seniors Teed Off Over Plans For Golf Course

Residents from the Century Village in West Palm Beach during Thursday's County Commission meeting.
Credit Christine DiMattei

Thousands of West Palm Beach senior citizens will have to wait another month for a decision on a controversial development planned near their retirement community.

After hours of public comment on Thursday, a Palm Beach County Commission meeting ended in a tied vote on the future of the project, named "Reflection Bay."

Developers want to turn an unused golf course next to the West Palm Beach Century Village into a neighborhood of homes and retail stores.

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This Miami Life
11:00 am
Tue December 4, 2012

Bad Economy For Golf Courses Puts Pressure On Owners Of Fairway-View Homes

NOT MUCH TO SEE: Michael Rosenberg lives on the Calusa Country Club Golfcourse at Southwest 130th Avenue and North Calusa Drive but can't even see the golf course since the owners of the property fenced it off.
Credit Tim Chapman / Miami Herald

What is the value of living on a golf course? Michael Rosenberg isn’t sure. And though he doesn’t play the game, he likes the idea of sitting on his deck and looking out at serene green fairways, not someone’s rusty barbecue pit or swing set.

It’s why he bought his home on the Calusa Country Club in South Dade, paying a premium for his four-bedroom home.

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