WLRN Speakers Series

WLRN and Community Advisory Board (CAB) collaboration

WLRN Public Television and the WLRN Community Advisory Board (CAB) established the WLRN Speakers Series to present original documentary productions to local groups, schools, and civic organizations.

WLRN producers are available to speak about their craft, share insights on issues, and engage the community in dialogue by sharing stories about life in South Florida, the place we all call home.

Contact Us

To host a WLRN Speakers Series screening, contact WLRN Public Radio & Television Executive Producer Adrienne Kennedy at (305) 995-2256 or Email Us

The WLRN Speakers Series library includes a variety of Florida stories including:

A Century In The Sun: Henry Flagler & The Making Of Modern Florida

Producer: Tim Long

The story of how Standard Oil magnate Henry Flagler comes to Florida in the late 1800s, builds a railroad and hotel empire on the last American frontier, and launches a population boom that lasts a hundred years.

Out of Darkness Into Light

Producer: Mia Laurenzo

Three adult survivors of child sexual abuse share their poignant, life-alerting stories. Through their own personal experiences, they are now committed to helping others affected by this unthinkable crime. The documentary sheds light on a sensitive topic and provides information on prevention, warning signs and critical insight on how to overcome this traumatic experience.

Martin Luther King: Footprints Through Florida

Producer: Mia Laurenzo

A documentary about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told through the experiences of people who knew him, recalling milestones and sharing personal moments about Dr. King during his short stay in South Florida.

Prohibition and the South Florida Connection

Producer: Steve Waxman

This film depicts the prohibition era experience from Palm Beach to Key West, a fascinating chapter in our region’s colorful past showcasing both sides of the law, from daring bootleggers and rum runners, to an undermanned but determined Coast Guard.

Conquering the Dragon: Breast Cancer Survivors Race for Life

Producer: Shirley Ravachi

A documentary about a dragon boat team made up of all breast cancer survivors reaching for the stars and creating triumph out of tragedy.

Key West: Bohemia in the Tropics

Producer: Tim Long

A lively account of a largely unknown story: how a radical government experiment in community building during the Great Depression created the Key West of today.

Ralph Munroe’s Barnacle – Centerpiece of a Legacy

Producer: Debra Hall-Greene

The story of South Florida pioneer Ralph Munroe and the home he built in what was to become the heartbeat of Coconut Grove. The Barnacle was constructed almost entirely of materials salvaged from shipwrecks in Biscayne Bay. An avid photographer, Commodore Munroe documented what life was like here in the early 1900’s.

Stiltsville: Generations on the Flats

Producer: Debra Hall-Greene

It was early 1930’s and Miami was still a young city. A surprising community was starting to spring up in the most unlikely of places, the middle of Biscayne Bay. Back then it was known as “The Shacks”, but today we call it Stiltsville. At its height, there were 27 homes. Today only 7 structures remain, each with its own name, personality, and history.