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Marie D. de Jesus

Purvi Patel is currently serving 20 years of a 46-year prison sentence at the Indiana Women's Prison in Indianapolis. She's unique among the 600-plus inmates, the first woman to be convicted under Indiana's feticide law for ending her own pregnancy.

Stringer/ Reuters

On Monday, September 28th, Mohammad Akhlaq, 50, died a brutal death outside his home in a village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, just 30 miles from the capital, New Delhi.

Akhlaq, a Muslim, was lynched by a Hindu mob over allegedly killing and eating a cow, which is sacred to many Hindus. His son, Danish, was attacked, too, and is now in critical condition.

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin was defiant Thursday and again today — you wouldn't hear him utter the name of the gunmen believed responsible for shooting up Umpqua Community College.

He wasn't going to give him the fame that he seemed to seek.

Zeynep Tufekci, who teaches about the intersection of technology and society at the University of North Carolina, has written about how the media responds to these kind of incidents and about the need to stop inspiring copycats.

REUTERS/ Thaier al-Sudani

They are called "the forgotten layer" of the Iraqi society.

They are women who work in the sex trade. Some have chosen this work voluntarily but others have been lured in.

Mass killings in the US scare people in so-called dangerous and violent countries

Oct 2, 2015
Steve Dipaola/REUTERS

Most of our reporting comes from a team of reporters and producers in the US.

We often find ourselves describing the violence that's happening somewhere else on the globe. Or we report on countries that we describe as much more dangerous than our own.

But today we find ourselves covering the aftermath of yet another mass shooting here in the US: at a community college in Oregon. Ten people dead — including the gunman. And so many familiar questions about warning signs and the availability of guns.

About every month something really big happens at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Thousands of immigrants to the United States file into one of the center's cavernous halls and sit in neat rows before a stage with an enormous American flag above it. They come to be sworn in as new citizens of this country.


It turns out there is no universally beautiful face.

There are some factors, such as symmetrical facial features or clear skin, that are encoded into our genes as attractive traits.

Reuters/Khaled Abdullah

A week after the Netherlands called for a United Nations-led investigation into the killing of more than 2,000 civilians in the Yemen war, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has approved an alternate resolution.

It was written by Saudi Arabia, leader of the coalition whose air strikes, according to a UN study, have been responsible for two-thirds of civilian deaths in Yemen.

 Jeanne Carstensen 

“Please, have some tea. Do you take sugar?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“This is Syrian tea. Please, it is our pleasure.”

“Thank you.”

The Syrians I meet in the small square outside the Sinbad Restaurant in Izmir, Turkey are all fleeing an escalating war in their country they say has made it impossible for them to stay in their homes.  

Jason Margolis

People in Vermont waking up with their morning coffee and doughnut have come to expect a certain consistency from their crullers, glazed, and maple donughts. The Koffee Kup Bakery has been operting in Burlington for 75 years. Today, the company produces 480,000 doughnuts a day at its bakery. Most of the people responsible for baking and packaging all those donughts are refugees, largely from Bhutan and Nepal.