You Can Vote For Qualified Write-In Candidates, If You Know Their Names

Oct 25, 2016
Originally published on January 14, 2017 6:34 pm

When Florida voters look at their ballots for the general election, they'll see six names printed in the presidential race box. But there are an equal number of qualified "write-in" candidates for president. Names you've probably never heard before.

State law says "write-in" candidates don't have to pay the qualifying fee or collect petition signatures to be in the race. But they still have to file paperwork through the state. Hillsborough Elections Supervisor Craig Latimer says "write-in" candidates just aren't entitled to have their names on the ballot.

"And you must know what that name is, because we only count votes for qualified write-in candidates," he said.

So writing in something like "Mickey Mouse" in the space provided will mean your vote for that particular race won't count.

Click here to see State Division of Elections list of qualified candidates. 

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