Yoga And Cycle Nights At New World Symphony Orchestra

Nov 12, 2013

Relax. Just do it. 

In our anxiety-ridden society, finding ways to unwind should be a snap -- not another thing to stress out over. Some find solace with yoga and meditation, a beer at the bar with friends, while others listen to classical music for a mental vacation away from life's stressors.

While relaxation techniques varies from individuals, one thing is certain: Clearing the mind benefits our overall well-being.

Good thing there are intriguing options to unwind this weekend like the yoga and cycling nights held at New World Symphony (NWS). On Friday, the Miami Beach orchestra venue teams up with Emerge Miami, a progressive cycling-centric organization, to host a night featuring a live classical music concert, bike riding and an outdoor film screening.

Bikes and classical music? What now? This pairing might seem unusual, but NWS percussion fellow Jay Ganser, 26, thinks otherwise.

"I know a lot of classical musicians who also ride bikes. For me, both classical music and cycling can relax, transform you and bring you to a different place," says the avid-cyclist, who bikes 300 miles per week. "When I ride my bike in the heat, I'm  focused on where I'm going, so I don't crash and burn. This ultra focused state is mediative,  so there's no room left in my mind for anything else."

Friday night includes a 30-minute concert featuring J.S. Bach's Suite No. 3, and is followed by a 9 p.m. screening of Bicycle Dreams, a 2009 documentary on the 3,000-mile Race Across America. Projected on the outside 7,000-square-foot wall at its SoundScape lawn, attendees can anticipate sensory benefits.

This isn't the first time NWS has experimented with its event offerings. Last February, the symphony introduced a yoga night like the one to be held this Saturday to open up its audience reach. The event drew a mix of 500 people, many who were typically intimidated with classical music in general.

Craig Hall, the symphony's vice president for communications, says, "We believe there are a lot of people who would love the experience of classical music, if they were exposed to it. But, many are hesitant to come to our shows. Possibly, because they think tickets are too expensive and have this perception that tickets cost $150," he says. "And also there's the tradition that's a barrier. I think people who aren't familiar with concert halls, don't know what to expect, and are unsure of what the traditions are: 'Do we clap? Do we not clap? What do we wear?' These are all concerns for many."  

Tickets for cycling and yoga nights are $2.50 at NWS. And casual attire is completely acceptable according to Hall.

"What's cool about being here, is that [New World Symphony] is open to try new things, ideas and reach out to new audiences," shares Ganser. "They want to bring people together."

On Saturday, NWS hosts its yoga night which will feature again a 30-minute concert at 8 p.m., and  an hourlong yoga and mediation class under the star-lit sky takes place at SoundScape. Classical music will play during the class through 167 outdoor speaker system, while digital visual projections will span the massive wall. Expect a free-wheeling vibe all around.

"The way people use yoga for relaxing, escaping and becoming more aware of themselves is similar to how people use classical music," says Hall.

Green Mobility Network will offer free bike valet service for attendees on Friday. Got a bike? Meet Emerge Miami 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8, at Omni Metro Station and ride over to the New World Symphony. Click here for the ride meetup. Visit here for tickets and event information. Call 305-673-3331. Tickets cost $2.50 per person.