WLRN's Most Popular Stories For Dec. 2-6

Dec 10, 2013

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When one of the world's best known, most beloved champions of human rights died last week, we had to run a story about his impact on South Florida. And this week, that tale of the infamous "Mandela snub" is one of the most read posts on WLRN.org. Scroll below to see what else people have been reading on our site. How Miami's Shrewd Black Leadership Turned The Mandela Snub To Local AdvantageThis isn't just about the demands of a group of Cuban-American mayors to keep Madiba out unless he denounced Fidel Castro. It's about the effect of Mandela's efforts for blacks not just in South Africa, but in South Florida, too.

 Miami Muralist's Walls Brighten Art Week With Local ColorArt Basel and its surrounding art fairs have been criticized for bringing too many outsiders to a city already bursting with talent. One local got his share of the Basel spotlight this year, after having to leave town to build his name.

 Now You See It, Now You Don't: Wynwood's Evolving Street ArtThe murals in Wynwood are magnificent to walk through and gape at, but try bringing friends or family back to show them your favorites when they're changing all the time. Muralists embrace the impermanence, but a photographer tries to document the art.

**Social-media favorite**Gentrification Film Shown In Wynwood Just Before Basel MadnessA couple of local filmmakers explored the side of Miami's art district that artists don't often talk about: the long-standing neighborhoods inhabited by families for decades, which are now being emptied due to rising rents.
This post was a web exclusive. A radio version was not produced. As Basel Expanded Beyond The Beach, Miami Became Its MuseIs Art Basel really so much about the fair on Miami Beach? Long ago, satellite art shows and independent events sprung up during Basel week and created an ambience of art throughout the cities. Now, Basel caters to Miami.
This post was a web exclusive. A radio version was not produced.