WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories For Nov. 4-8

Nov 12, 2013

Here's a shot from the Key West Zombie Bike Ride.
Credit Mark Hedden / WLRN

You might not have time to sift through a week's worth of public-radio color in the form of feature stories and curated audience commentary. So we've rounded up the best of WLRN's content this week in an easily digestible feed, all for your viewing convenience.

Click on the stories to read their full versions, or plug in your headphones and listen in right from this page.

Cafe Pilon: From Door-To-Door Peddling To The American Dream: Sticky, brown, steamy Cuban coffee is everywhere in Miami. But it wasn't always so. At one point, a son hauled his product from house to house, trying to sell enough to make the craze catch on.

Undead Cyclists Storm Key West For The Zombie Bike Ride: For one of the few events on the island made mainly for locals, roughly 8,000 Key Westers pedaled in from beyond. You gotta see the pictures.

If I Were Mayor: Fixing Miami Beach's Four Biggest Problems: Right before the mayoral elections, we published locals' takes on solving policing problems, unbearable traffic, frequent flooding and the litter issue. Here's one solution:

How South Florida Supermarkets Move Customers Through Their Stores: The first things you'll see are typically flowers and baked goods, because we're more reckless with our shopping when we're salivating.

10 Amazing Photos From Key West's Tourist-Free Past: Cayo Hueso has been wackjob central from the start. Did you know one guy encased his dead sweetheart in a makeshift spacecraft for display?
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Turtling in old Key West.
Credit DeWolfe Collection / Monroe County Public Library