WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Feb. 3-7

Feb 10, 2014

Credit Jeffrey Katz / Courtesy FDOT

From the stories you've been reading on WLRN this week, one could weave the following fictional story:

On the day formerly known as Chinese New Year, Cuban hackers got into the city's traffic-light system and were able to rush onto I-95. Once there, they sped to Wynwood only to find that the neighborhood has lost all its appeal. So they decided it was best to head to a place that was truly dead: the ancient Tequesta village downtown.

Read on to see what the top-five stories are.

I-95's Narrow Shoulders And Speeding Cars Problematic For FHP: Did you know that the legal speed limit on I-95 is 55 and in some parts 60 mph? Good, neither did we. This is part of our ongoing coverage of what life is like at The End of the Road.

Wynwood Is Dead. Long Live Wynwood: Our condolences to the hipsters of the city - your neighborhood is dead...or is it? Contributing arts editor Nathaniel Sandler tells you why the neighborhood should have never been hailed in the first place.

Dear Miami, Take The 'Chinese' Out Of 'Chinese New Year': What does the Vietnamese celebration of Tet and the Korean Seo naal have in common with the Chinese New Year? More than you might know. 

Hackathon For Cuba Developers Try To Free The Island's Internet: Uncensored access to Google, Twitter, or Wikipedia. A do-it-yourself internet router and a Craigslist look alike that works through email. All these apps and gadgets were the winners of the first ever "Cuba Hackathon," an event aimed at improving the lives of Cuban through better access to the internet.  To hear sounds from the Hackathon, click the play button below.

More Evidence Of Tequesta Civilization Unearthed Near Miami River: Archeologist Bob Carr and his team recently uncovered evidence of a well developed Native-American civilization in the heart of downtown Miami. The archeological findings are amidst an area that developers wish to make into a large shopping mall.