WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Feb. 24-28

Mar 3, 2014

The I-95 express lanes' toll increase made it to the top of our list this week, only furthering the idea that South Floridians can't live without their vehicles and highways. Two more stories involving roads and transportation also made it to the top five this week, which made us wonder... are you reading while driving? If so, stop! Tune into 91.3 FM, instead (or stream live on this site). 

Credit Jeffery Katz / Florida Department of Transportation

Trying To Free Up 95 Express, FDOT Prices 'Lexus Lanes' At Lamborghini Rates:  Can’t stand the I-95 traffic? Then get out of the general-purpose lanes and onto the express lanes -- if you can afford it, that is. The Florida Department of Transportation raised the price of the I-95 express lanes from $7 to $10.50. The purpose of the increase is to scare away drivers from the express lanes to avoid congestion.

Credit africa/freedigitalphotos.net

Big Sugar's Influence Stretches From South Florida To Washington : $3.1 billion in revenue to the state and 12, 500 jobs. These  figures are not created by tourism or foreign investment but by something sweeter: sugar. Those numbers are reported according to the state's sugar producers who also claim to be self-sufficient , operate on renewable energy and sell surplus electricity back to Florida Power and Light.

Credit Florida Department of Transportation

New Reversible Lanes In Broward Are A First In South Florida: Imagine roads that can expand and contract to meet traffic needs. Broward County will be the first in South Florida to embrace “reversible lanes.” The lanes are placed between general-purpose lanes with gates that open and close to guide drivers. The aim of the lanes is the latest move by state officials to combat traffic congestion.

How Madonna Shaped My Romance With I-95: In 1990, two men drove the full length of I-95 in 24 hours listening to only one song on the way: “Like a Prayer “ by Madonna. Hear the audio adventure here:

This Is What It Sounds Like When You Put Miami Babies On A Pile Of Snow: Enough said.