WLRN Public Television Is Discontinuing Learn Channel Service (17.2)

Jul 2, 2013

WLRN Public Television is moving to an all high-definition (HD) infrastructure. Due to the technology upgrades and funding considerations, the Learn Channel service (17.2) had to be discontinued.

Viewers can access the MHz WorldView programming, including the international dramas and mysteries, online at  mhznetworks.org/mhz-worldview/live. Additionally, MHz has free iOS and Android apps featuring the live channel content.  MHz WorldView is also available on Roku (roku.com) and Google TV (search for MHz Networks in Google Play).

The elimination of the Learn Channel was not an easy decision to make and we apologize for the inconvenience.  Main Channel 17 remains unaffected.  We hope you will continue to watch and support WLRN-TV.