Will New Florida Voting Laws Affect Election?

Oct 11, 2012

Voting in Florida has always been a contentious issue.  But now, it's even more so thanks to new voting laws passed by the Florida Legislature.

House Bill 1355 - passed in April 2011 - mandates a total of 80 changes to Florida's election laws. 

Among the most noticeable are  restrictions on voter registration, form filing deadlines and reductions in early voting days.  

How they may impacting the 2012 election is the subject of a new documentary airing on CNN this Sunday, called "Voters in America: Who Counts."

Watch the trailer here.

In the one-hour special, proponents  say the changes were needed to combat voter fraud.

Opponents, however decry the new rules as a way to suppress the minority vote, and point to the fact that very few cases of voter fraud have ever been uncovered. 

CNN Senior Correspondent Joe Johns, who hosts the documentary, talks about it with WLRN's Phil Latzman.