What would you steal for?

Sep 3, 2017

INSIDE MEN - Crime Drama - A thrilling four-part drama about three employees of a security depot who plan and execute a cash heist worth millions.  

Airs: Tuesday September 5th at 9pm with back to back episodes 

John, Chris and Marcus are three ordinary men who work in a security depot. Every day they watch as millions of pounds worth of cash is counted, bound and stored in a vault. They see more money than they could ever dream of earning slowly pass them by.


Steven Mackintosh as John in INSIDE MEN

John, a manager, is a quiet man. He’s married to Kirsty and they have recently adopted a child, Olivia. As honest as they come, John always makes sure his books balance – no money is ever taken on his watch, and the few times it has been, John has topped up the balance with money from his own pocket. A little shy and not particularly ambitious, he’s seen as a bit of a soft touch by his employees.

Ashley Walters as Chris in INSIDE MEN

Chris, a security guard, has recently started seeing 18 year old Dita. Now she’s pregnant, he wants to give his fledgling family a better life.

Warren Brown as Marcus in INSIDE MEN

Marcus is up to his eyes in debt. Five years ago he borrowed everything he could from friends and family and invested it in a hairdressing salon. He lost the lot. He feels a failure and wants to prove himself.


When John catches Chris and Marcus stealing£50,000 from the vault, they expect the worst. But to their surprise, John doesn’t report them. He wants in. But why risk everything for just £50,000 when there is £170 million pounds waiting to be taken?

Inside Men is a study of how men behave when they step out of their comfort zones. What does it take to cross that moral line? What does it mean to risk your freedom? And are John, Chris and Marcus ready to accept the consequences of their actions?


9pm - John Coniston, loyal manager of a cash-counting house where used bank notes are taken for disposal, is forced by gunmen who hold hostage his wife Kirsty and their young daughter to cooperate in a robbery in which security guard Chris is badly injured. Nine months earlier John and Kirsty had just bought a house and Chris had befriended Dita, an Eastern European teenager sacked by John for stealing.

10pm - Following the robbery Marcus and his partner Gina visit Chris recovering in hospital after surgery. John recalls how he planned the heist nine months earlier. To ensure that the crime has authenticity he recruits, via a friend of Marcus, the menacing Kalpesh, who agrees to assemble a team of robbers whilst Marcus is charged with holding Kirsty and her daughter hostage. John deliberately fails a promotion interview to another area to take part whilst Chris informs his drunken,cynical mother that Dita is expecting his child.