What Everyone Is Reading March 30- April 5

Apr 8, 2014

Our most read stories this week include sea-level rise, anti-road rage landscaping and a city trolley system being eyed by the Federal Transit Authority (see those below). Stories that didn't make the cut include Obamacare deadlines, texting while driving in Florida and why Europeans come to Ultra Music Festival.

How Miami's Cute New Trolleys Led To A Civil-Rights Investigation: Walking around Miami, you may have noticed trolley cars made to look like the old cable cars of San Francisco, but it’s where the free trolleys don’t go that has gotten the attention of the Federal Transit Administration.

PHOTOS: Highway Landscaping May Have Squelched Your Road Rage:

Credit Kenny Malone

The poincianas, ponds and palm trees along the I-95 / I-595 interchange are worth more than your car:  $2 million in plants and trees adorn the interchange. Part of our End of the Road series, Kenny Malone interviews the landscape architect behind the project.

#ThisIsWhere We Share Our First 10 Favorite Poems: To honor national poetry month we collaborated with O, Miami poetry festival to bring you “This is Where,” a poetry project about Florida. We list our top 10 favorite poems so far from Key West to West Palm Beach.

Why Sea-Level Rise Might Hurt Poor Neighborhoods More Than Coastal Areas:

Credit Keren Bolter

Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale are ranked high for being financially vulnerable when it comes to sea-level rise, but the rise may end up hurting inland neighborhoods more than those located right on the coast.

West Grove Trolley Garage Unearths Vulnerabilities Of Low-Income Neighborhoods: Citizens of the West Grove have a trolley garage whose trolleys don't service them. After a series of legal battles, the developers and the city of Coral Gables are looking to leave the area but that still leaves the historic neighborhood vulnerable.