What Everyone Is Reading April 6-12

Apr 14, 2014

Credit Rick Stone

In honor of creative writing, and because it's still National Poetry Month, here's a whimsical headline combining all the stories from this past week's top-five:

"Cuban tabloid tweets Charlie Crist will be writing a poem about the possible end of greyhound racing in Florida."

Luckily, that's a piece of fiction.

#ThisIsWhere: The Week Of Traffic And Tattoos: Two weeks into our #ThisIsWhere poetry project, we are quite pleased with the submissions coming in. Unsurprisingly, three of the top 10 poems are about the hardships of driving in South Florida. From traffic to tourists, keep the South Florida poems coming our way.

Cuba Clueless: Covert Twitter Scheme Tweets U.S Policy Failure: A Twitter-like service funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development known as ZunZuneo was recently exposed by the Associated Press. The service’s goal was to create a social network in Cuba that would ultimately serve as a platform for a “Cuban Spring.” Americas editor Tim Padgett has more insight on the matter. 

Who Was That Tea Party Lady At The Solar Energy Rally With Charlie Crist?: Reduce, reuse and recycle the idea that renewable energy and environmental concerns are not generally associated with the Tea Party: Debbie Dooley is a co-chair of the Atlanta Tea Party and also runs the Green Tea Coalition. She was present last week at the capitol rallying pushing for more solar energy in the state. Rick Stone has more.

Miami Shedding Its Tabloid Image, Gaining Int'l Respect -- At Least In The Legal World: Miami’s many legal proceedings tend to spend some time in the spotlight, such as last week’s hearing on Justin Bieber’s genitals. Despite tabloid worthy trials, the city is gaining a reputation as an international arbitration center.

Florida Senate Committee Aims To End Greyhound Racing: The Florida Senate Select Committee gathered last week to decide the fate of greyhound racing in the state.  Hear the story below: