West Palm Beach Will Consider $100,000 Settlement To Employees In "Noose" Incident

Sep 12, 2014

West Palm Beach will consider a $100,000 settlement for noose incident.
Credit ssalonso / Flickr Creative Commons

A two-year-old incident involving photos of people hanging by nooses could cost the City of West Palm Beach $100,000. 

The city commission will consider paying the settlement to three employees who say they were harassed in the workplace.

In 2012, David Fowler, Raymond Johnson and Alden Wilder found photos depicting people with ropes around their necks and people getting beaten.

The photos were found in an envelope on a city truck they used.

The three men, who are black, found their names written on the photos. Two other employees' names were also written on the photos. They were Hispanic.

At the time, the city launched an investigation, but the culprit was never caught.

Fowler, Johnson and Wilder filed suit against the city. In the proposed settlement, West Palm Beach admits no wrongdoing.