We Want Your I-95 Ire And Art

Mar 23, 2014

Commuter misery turned postal art, the I-95/395 interchange was featured in the U.S. Postal Service's "EARTHSCAPES" collection of Forever Stamps in 2012.
Credit U.S. Postal Service

If you wrote a play about road rangers or made a quilt from fallen mattress, or glued together a Fabergé-style egg from pieces of shattered headlights, then for the love of highway please contact us.

As part of our End of the Road series, WLRN-Miami Herald News is setting out to collect as much I-95 inspired art as humanly possible. An award-winning poetry collection inspired by the trash mountain just off I-95, perhaps? See “Garbage: A Poem.” A book dedicated to “everyone who has ever taken the chance to ride dirty on I-95,” maybe? Check out “Riding Dirty on I-95: A Novel." Or how about a melodic exploration of the interstate and its archetypal driver? Give a listen to the “I-95 Asshole Song.”

We’ll curate our collection of artistic I-95 oddities on the air and online. This week, we’re featuring the story-song “Southbound for Miami” by Broward-based folk signer Allan Aunapu. As he explained for the radio, there’s quite a back story to Aunapu’s tale of tailgating, road rage and gun play.  Take a listen below.


If you have -- or know of -- 95-inspired creative works email them to kmalone@miamiherald.com.