VIDEO: Group Tells Floridians To Vote In Order To Avoid Zombie Apocalypse

Oct 31, 2012

Well, Happy Halloween everyone.

In the spirit of today's festivities, here is a video from Florida New Majority (they have an office here in Miami) that warns Floridians that the only way to avoid a "Romney Zombie Apocalypse" is to vote.

The group says:

In a state plagued by natural disasters, exploding pythons, and the strangest politics on the planet, Florida voters are bracing for the latest horror -- zombie apocalypse! 

Mindless walking dead consumed by a terrible hunger have been spotted in the Sunshine State, stalking residents preparing to cast their votes in the November election. The creatures seem most drawn to youth, women and minorities and anyone in those groups are urged to take special precautions, such as traveling in large numbers to vote early, from Oct. 27 to Nov. 3. Failing that, Election Day is Nov. 6.

This is, of course, crazy silly-- and actually pretty gory-- but the folks at FNM have put together a great reminder to go out and vote this week.

They also have a trusty voter check list and guide you can check out before you vote.