Venezuelan Opposition Leader Capriles Delivers Message To Supporters In Miami

Sep 16, 2013

Former Venezuelan presidential candidate Henrique Capriles — who has been criticized by certain segments of the opposition that would like to see him take a more radical position against Nicolás Maduro’s regime — came out Sunday to convince nearly 5,000 people at a Miami convention hall that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Henrique Capriles Radonsky waves to supporters gathered at the James L. Knight Center following a speech in which he urged Venezuelans living in the United States to continue working for a Democratic change in Venezuela.
Credit JOSE A. IGLESIAS / El Nuevo Herald Staff

Capriles, who ran against the late Hugo Chávez in an election in October and then did it again versus Maduro in April, said he feels that change will come soon to his country and called on Venezuelans to continue supporting him and join the fight.

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“I feel that we are very, very close,” he said referring to the prospect of change. “That’s the way I see it.”

“But we need the support of all Venezuelans. We need trust. We need confidence. We’re going to drop whatever we need to drop to bring change to Venezuela,” Capriles said. “It’s not a personal aspiration — it’s a collective project, and that makes a difference.”

The Venezuelan opposition leader also delivered a message for the large Cuban community in the United States.

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