Tuesday Nights! Weapons and Ruthless Leaders On WLRN-TV !

May 9, 2014

You can find some of the best war documentaries on television every Tuesday night on WLRN - TV, starting at 8:00 p.m.

Nazi Mega Weapons: Jet Fighter Me262 (8:00 pm)

Nazi Mega Weapons

Explore the most technologically advanced plane of World War II, the Messerschmitt Me262, a fighter jet that inspired a revolution in aerial warfare. Learn the remarkable story of an awe-inspiring aircraft, the subterranean bat-cave where it was built and the battle for air supremacy that decided the fate of the war.

Hannibal (9:00 pm)


Combining immersive drama with the latest historical research and CGI, Hannibal is brought to life for the first time, on an epic scale. From his exile in Spain, 26-year-old Hannibal Barca was the mastermind behind what is arguably the most audacious military move in history.

Montezuma  (10:30 pm)

Presenter Dan Snow, Montezuma

This documentary journeys to the ancient heart of Mexico in search of the lost civilization of the Aztecs and their last and greatest ruler, Montezuma II (1502-1520). Montezuma inherited an empire of five million people, stretching from present-day Mexico to Nicaragua, from his uncle. His rule was marked by incessant warfare.