Tuesday Night! D-Day And Female Patriot's, America's Unsung Heroes On WLRN-TV !

Jun 9, 2014

You can find some of the best war documentaries on television every Tuesday night on WLRN - TV, starting at 8:00 p.m.

D-Day 360 (8:00 pm)

A scene from “D-Day 360.”
Credit Courtesy Windfall

D-Day 360 strips D-Day back to its raw data to reveal how the odds of victory, in the greatest gamble of World War II, swung on what happened over a five-hour period on a five mile stretch of French coastline.

Unsung Heroes: The story of America’s Female Patriots, Part 1 (9:00 pm)

Unsung Heroes

In a world where front lines no longer exist, America’s female patriots confront the horrors of war as never before and more suffer the effects of combat stress than at any time in the Nation’s history. Margaret Corbin sheds her blood fighting in the Revolution. Years later, in Afghanistan, Leigh Ann Hester becomes the first woman to receive the Silver Star for combat heroism. Nurses have been in harm’s way since the Civil War and during WW I thousands of women volunteer for service as Navy Yeomanettes and Army Signal Corp “Hello Girls.”

Unsung Heroes: The story of America’s Female Patriots, Part 2 (10:00 pm)

Desert Storm/Shield

In this second part of Unsung Heroes, women take to the skies in combat aircraft and change the rules of flight. On the high seas, a female Admiral charts the capture of ruthless pirates, while on land, America’s first female 4-star general guides the military’s transition from Iraq to Afghanistan. In the jungles of the Philippines and in the deserts of the Middle East women are held as Prisoners of War. Freedom is not free and America’s female patriots also pay the price, as they shatter the brass ceiling one valiant deed at a time.