A Triple Dose of Britain's Best Dramas

Oct 18, 2017

8pm DOC MARTIN: Other People's Children - Comedy/Drama

Martin and Louisa don’t seem to be having much success with their therapy, so Dr. Timoney advises that they should try and take things back to the beginning of their relationship, and plan a date.  Louisa is planning James Henry’s first birthday party, when a last-minute request from Danny, Louisa’s ex-boyfriend, brings him and seven children from London camping on Ruth’s farm.   Things are going slightly better for Mrs. Tishell and Clive, until Mrs. Tishell invites him back into the bedroom, with disastrous consequences. Things don’t start off too badly for Martin and Louisa at the restaurant, but when Danny calls saying one of his children, Jake, has gone missing, date night is effectively over. Martin and Louisa are left wondering if anything will ever go right for them, when Martin uncovers a health scare at James’s party, that makes all the guests leave very quickly: not even Ruth’s birthday cake can keep them there.

9pm MIDSOMER MURDERS: Death and Dust - Crime Drama

When Dr. Alan Delaney is killed by a hit-and-run driver while in charge of his partner's new car, Barnaby and Jones discover the dead man had once been accused by Dr. James Kirkwood of stealing a large sum of money from their Midsomer Market practice. Further investigations to uncover the whereabouts of the missing money lead the detectives to believe that Kirkwood may have been the real target.


10:30pm THE CAFE - Comedy/ Drama - Three generations of a family play host to customers at a seaside café that’s brimming with colorful characters. Middle-aged divorcee Carol owns the place and daughter Sarah who has had to move back home is helping out until her life gets back on track. 


Afternoon Tease - Sarah chases some literary agents, and the Dobsons spark a heated debate about jam and cream. Meanwhile, something strange is going on with Carol and the cafe.