Haiti Earthquake Anniversary
8:30 am
Fri January 11, 2013

Three Years After The Haiti Earthquake, An Unsure Future For One Woman And Her Country

Fabienne Jean prepares food in Haiti.
Credit Nick Kozak

All this week we've been bringing you the story of Fabienne Jean, a dancer who lost her right leg three years ago in the earthquake in Haiti.

I think sometimes people forget - or perhaps don't know - how complicated it is just to reconstruct one life

Fabienne’s right leg was crushed and had to be amputated. When she danced again, she was hailed as a symbol of Haiti’s post-earthquake recovery.

But as reporter Jacob Kushner discovered during the year he spent reporting on this story, the quest to rebuild one woman’s life would take much more than that.

“I think sometimes people forget—or perhaps don’t know—how complicated it is just to reconstruct one life,” Kushner told WLRN's Alicia Zuckerman.

You can hear the conversation between Kushner and Zuckerman here:

A conversation between Jacob Kushner and Alicia Zuckerman about this series.

And here is the rest of Fabienne’s story:

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