Three Signs The 2014 Governor's Race Has Already Started

Dec 12, 2012

TOO SOON? Gov. Scott is in early campaign mode thanks to Charlie Crist's party switch.
Credit Gage Skidmore /Flickr

Yes, the 2014 gubernatorial election is months and months away, but there are already some signs that election season has started right back up again.

1) Charlie Crist switched parties.

There has long been chatter that former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's end game would be running for governor again after losing badly to Marco Rubio for a U.S. Senate seat. Last week, it finally happened

So far, a couple of less recognizable candidates have thrown their hats in the ring to run against  Scott in November of 2014, but few people have the fundraising ability and popularity that Crist has had in the past.

If any announcement screams "game on," it's this one.

2) The GOP is attacking Crist.

In any political race, there has to be some fighting.  Just days after Crist announced his party switch -- and before he officially announces he is actually running for governor -- the Republican Party of Florida is already attacking him.

State Republican  Chairman Lenny Curry  already said this via the Associated Press: "I just think Charlie Crist is bad for the state of Florida. He's someone who's trying to recreate himself. These are serious times. At any level, we don't want to see Charlie Crist back in office, particularly in a position of leadership. It wouldn't be good for Florida, regardless of your ideology."

3) Sen. Marco Rubio let us all know he has picked a side.

Yes, it was completely expected that Rubio would endorse Gov. Scott and not Crist, a man he has had battled politically  for years. However, the fact that a prominent Republican has already announced that he will back Scott in an election against Crist is pretty much a sign that we are all in election-mode, again.

Believe me, we all wish it weren't so.