In Their Shoes: A Narrow Escape From Mariel

Oct 28, 2010

Listen as Alfredo Malagon tells WLRN-Miami Herald News reporter Rick Stone the story of a harrowing inspection by Cuban authorities at a detainment camp before his family left the island. 

The music in this piece is “Jazz Sepulchre” by Up, Bustle, and Out.

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Above are some archival photographs from the Mariel boatlift:

Below is the translation of the Mariel boatlift flyer:

“To the Cuban refugees: This great nation is offering you the opportunity of a new life, ample and full liberty, security and the guarantee of a peaceful orderly life, and is also offering you the opportunity of a rebirth and consideration as a person. With all of the inalienable human rights before God and the people.  President Jimmy Carter has opened the arms of our nation, respect the laws and obey the authorities.  Patience, faith and optimism, with the help of God and your personal sacrifices, you will obtain in the United States the liberty and prosperity that you yearn for. Other Cuban refugees who preceded you have already reached those goals, establishing indestructible friendship bonds with the United States and her people.”