That's So Miami: Two Languages, Two Generations; One Family

Apr 16, 2013

As part of our That's So Miami poetry project running during the month of April, we have been airing select submissions from our community of listeners and readers.

In fact, serendipity struck today during one of these pre-recording sessions. One of our contributing poets, Christine Armario of Miami, brought her abuelo, Manuel Armario, who wrote a poem too. Go ahead and read them. Hers is in English; his, Spanish.


Two poems, two languages, two generations; one family:  That’s So Miami.

Walking to the beach

With my post-cancer pixie cut

A viejito whispers

No matter what they say

Estás bella.


That's so Miami.




Miami Beach es muy lindo

Y el whiskey muy sabrosón

Pero yo siempre prefiero

El muro del Malecón


That's so Miami.

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