Task Force Releases Recommendations To Address Sea-Level Rise

Jul 2, 2014

Credit freedigitalphotos.net

Yesterday, the Miami-Dade Sea Level Rise Task Force released a report detailing six recommendations to the county. 

The main recommendation calls on county officials to consult experts to create an infrastructure that can adapt to rising sea levels. 

Jim Murley is the executive director of the South Florida Regional Planning Council, and was the vice-chairperson of the task force.

"I think it's important that the county work with the region and speak with one voice on these issue in Tallahassee and Washington D.C.," he says, "so that our specific needs are well understood in the state capital and in the national capital and when funds are available there, we get  our fair share."

The task force also asks the county to address insurance concerns. Arsenio Milian owns a civil and environmental engineering firm and served on the task force.

"The insurance companies have made it clear that if this is something that is going to be happening more frequently that they will not be able to insure as we understand it to be today," he explains.

The county commission will review the recommendations.