The Sunshine Economy: How Broward County Ignored The State

Oct 4, 2013

From the U.S. Supreme Court case against the Affordable Care Act to trying to keep insurance exchange navigators from public health facilities, the state of Florida has resisted assisting the federal government in implementing the health insurance reform law.

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The state led the losing court fight against the law. Then, as the October 1 open enrollment date approached, the state health department moved to keep Obamacare navigators from public health facilities.  

The navigators are contracted with the federal government to assist people interested in the health insurance exchanges in wading through the questions and process of shopping for health care insurance coverage. Governor Rick Scott and other state leaders in Florida raised concerns such as security worries about working with the navigators.

But a few Florida counties stood up and rejected the state health department's directive to keep navigators out of public health offices.  Miami-Dade and Broward counties were two.  Broward County Mayor Kristen Jacobs spoke with WLRN's Sunshine Economy. She did not discuss the decision with the state, even after the Broward County Commission approved in an 8-1 vote to welcome the navigators into public health offices.