A Stroll Through The Palace Gardens

Jul 6, 2017

8pm THE QUEEN'S GARDEN - Culture/Nature - Explore the history and natural history of Buckingham Palace Garden, a royal treasure in the heart of London.

With permission from Her Majesty the Queen, this documentary reveals a year in Buckingham Palace Gardens, exploring the history and the natural history of this remarkable hidden royal treasure in the center of London. This film uncovers a wonderland with a five century history, an urban oasis of wildlife where the Queen has lived with her family and a ‘living museum’ where almost every plant (and many of the animals!) have a royal story to tell. 

 9pm QUEEN'S CASTLE - Culture/History - Three-part documentary series which goes behind the scenes at the Queen's favorite home, Windsor Castle. 

FOUR SEASONS - Get a sneak peek at the ceremonies and occasions that take place annually at Windsor Castle, while follwoing a wide variety of key staff as they go about their business during preparations. This part covers Easter and the Royal Family's stay at Windsor. It also takes a look at the Queen's horses, both those she rides and those used for ceremonial purposes.