A Strike Of Lightning Without Rain In Everglades Causes Dense Smoke, Health Warnings

Jun 9, 2014


A dense smoke advisory was in effect in South Florida until 10am on Monday. A state highway patrol officer said the fire began Sunday afternoon when lighting struck a conservation area in the Everglades.
Credit Sammy Mack

During smoky fires, officials encourage people to stay home. However, as a response to fire, birds tend to leave home.

Julie Hill-Gabriel, director of Everglades policy for Audubon Florida, said when birds see smoke, they take it as a signal to leave the area.

This can be potentially problematic this time of year. Hill-Gabriel explained now is an ideal time for birds to stay home and catch fish. If they leave because of fires, they miss out on the opportunity.

When will it be safe for the birds to stay home? Lieutenant Eddy Ballester of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue says the duration of the fire and smoke are out of the firefighters’ control.

Both Audubon Florida and firefighters will continue to monitor the situation.