Solving Mysteries and Secrets Underground on WLRN -TV

Jul 10, 2014

Inspector George Gently (8:00 pm)

Gently Northern Soul

Credit BBC

After a young black woman is murdered, at an all night soul music club, Gently uncovers a disturbing and malevolent racist undercurrent lurking both within the local community and his own police force.  Racial tensions within the community escalate rapidly, compromising the investigation and posing a new set of problems.

Scott Bailey (9:30 pm)

With their friendship in tatters, the lack of communication between Rachel and Janet is making even the simplest of tasks difficult, and it takes a call about Gills possible abduction to reunite them as a team. The duo soon have Gills car in their sights and identify the kidnapper, but discover they are heading for a notorious suicide location. Can the detectives get to their boss in time?

Secrets of Underground London (10:30 pm)

Credit APTV

On the surface, London is a buzzing metropolis. But underneath lies secret, hidden worlds, all but forgotten by the millions of people above. These places make up the countless layers of London, and each tells a unique story of the city’s past - successes and failures; victories and tragedies.