In Sickness and Health - The Big Day is Finally Here on DOC MARTIN! Watch WLRN-TV

Aug 26, 2014

Doc Martin - In Sickness and Health (8:00 pm)

Martin finally marries Louisa, with Joe Penhale as best man; though, neither party has a parent present, and Martin is irritated by the gate-crashers at the reception. As a gift, their friends have rented them a remote lodge for the night. It all gets off to a bad start when Bert drives off with their luggage, and Martin starts a fire in the fireplace, but forgets to open the damper and that's just the beginning.  Tune in to see how things go from bad to worse!

Last Tango in Halifax (9:00 pm)

Sad news inspires Alan and Celia to have another wedding ceremony attended by all of their family and friends. Caroline whisks Kate off on a romantic weekend, but a disagreement threatens to end the relationship. Just as Gillian and Robbie are back on friendlier terms, a revelation from Judith changes everything.