Showdown At Nova: Bill Nelson, Connie Mack Mix It Up In First And Only Senate Debate

Oct 18, 2012

Fact checkers were up all night after Wednesday's Senate debate between Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson and his Republican challenger, U. S. Connie Mack. Facts and truth were relative things, many agreed, during the one and only chance Florida voters will have to see the candidates debate.

Mack, left, and Nelson debated at Nova Southeastern University
Credit candidate web sites

Mack is enjoying a bounceback after trailing in the polls for several weeks and the debate at Nova  Southeastern University was animated with a few excursions into testy.

Topics included Cuba, foreign policy, health care and the candidates' respective records. 

Afterwards, Politifact dinged Nelson for an accusation about Mack's homestead exemption. But it agreed, Mack did miss a lot of House votes. And now there's a new poll that suggests Nelson is back on top.

Want to see the whole debate? Here it is.