Session 2014: The Sunshine Edition - The Business Of Politics

Apr 27, 2014



In a re-election year for Governor Rick Scott, the Republican-controlled legislature has mostly tried to avoid controversial issues.
Credit Meredyth Hope Hall / Courtesy of the Florida Governor's Office

For two months each year,160 men and women elected by Florida voters gather in Tallahassee to make state policies. Everyday during this final week of the legislative session, WLRN-Miami Herald News will be reporting and examining what Florida lawmakers have accomplished, what’s been ignored, and how it will affect you for our special Session 2014: The Sunshine Edition.

To kickstart our special, we begin with the one thing the legislature has to do every session: pass a budget. Representatives Katie Edwards (D-Plantation) and Jose Felix Diaz (R-Miami) unpack the $75 billion questions.

With all that money, lobbyists are busy in this last week as well. WLRN-Miami Herald News' Gina Jordan gives us a profile of long-time lobbyist Jack Cory. How is lobbying actually done? South Florida lobbyist Ron Book joins Integrity Florida's Dan Krassner to explain the misconceptions and discuss whether Florida gets a bad rap for corruption.

Perhaps no GOP governor has staked his re-election as much on the economic and jobs recovery as Governor Rick Scott. Mark Vitner, senior economist with Wells Fargo; Jane Wooldridge, business editor at the Miami Herald; and Victor Mendelson, co-president of HEICO, assess if Florida is really a popular destination, for not just tourists, but companies.