See How Long Floridians Can Go Without Touching Their Phones

Mar 14, 2014

Credit UNICEF Tap Project

With a new app, UNICEF provides one day of clean water to a child in need for every 10 minutes spent without touching your phone.

The app ranks Florida fifth in the country for total time spent without phones. California is in first place. This correlates with a recent Nielsen study that ranked South Florida as fifth in the country in smartphone usage.

By going to on a smartphone and then letting the phone rest without touching it, anyone in the U.S. can donate clean water.

While your phone is resting, the app shoots out some stats, some about the state you're in: "Right now there are six people in Florida going without their phones."

One of the Florida stats that the application provides to its users in the state.
Credit UNICEF Tap Project

According to the app, the record time in Florida for not using their smartphone is 273 hours. The current average time without cellphone usage in the country is 54 hours. 

Five dollars can provide 200 days of clean water, so 10 minutes without a cellphone equates to a  $0.025 donation made by app sponsor Giorgio Armani. 

The project will be going on until March 31.