Royal Headaches

Jun 29, 2017

Experience the Kingdom and uncover the secrets of the Royal Estates. Get an inside look at what makes the British monarchy one of the most fascinating lineages of all time!

8pm SECRETS OF THE SIX WIVES - Docudrama/History - Witness some of the most dramatic moments in the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives.

 Divorced, Beheaded, Survived 

Worsley presents the last three wives: Anne of Cleves, called “ugly”; young Catherine Howard, whose tragic childhood was abusive; and finally, the far from saintly nurse, Catherine Parr.

9pm QUEEN'S CASTLE - History - Chronicling a year in the life of the world's largest inhabited castle.  A fascinating insider's look at this grand landmark, where crown and community live and work side by side. 

The Banquet - After six months of planning and preparation, France's President and Madame Chirac arrive to mark the centenary of Entente Cordiale. In addition to an official state dinner, guests will be treated to an abridged version of "Les Miserables," to be performed in the Waterloo Chamber. But, as protesters gather outside the Castle and producer Sir Cameron Macintosh copes with last-minute delays, unexpected glitches could upset all of the hard work and planning.