Rick Scott's Missing Labrador Gives Governor, PR Staff A Lesson In Political Power Of Dogs

Jan 15, 2013

WHAT DID RICK SCOTT DO TO THIS DOG? It barked too much and the governor held it accountable.
Credit Facebook

If Gov. Rick Scott didn't know this before, he sure knows it now: If you're in politics, your dog can make you or break you.

A hilarious  story in the Tampa Bay Times tells how the Scott family's photogenic but slightly psychotic Labrador, Reagan, failed to work out as a gubernatorial dog and was discreetly gotten rid of. 

Reporters found out and it became a DefCon 5 situation for Scott's communications staff but all questions about the old dog and, yes, the replacement dog, were answered. And Scott dodged the bullet that nearly felled Mitt Romney: a negative dog story.