Revenge and Royal Scandal

Nov 20, 2017

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Brimming with passion, romance, and intrigue, A PLACE TO CALL HOME explores the ties that hold families together – and the betrayals that can tear them apart. Season four continues following the lives of the complicated and wealthy Bligh family as they adapt to the rapid societal changes sweeping through 1950’s Australia.

All Good Things - Olivia chooses a new path. Harry finds a new place to call home. Jack and Carolyn stand by their daughter. Sir Richard begins to draw up a blueprint for revenge against the Bligh family.

9pm Edward VIII - The Nazi King - Docudrama 

 Was a member of the British royal family in cahoots with the Nazis? Recently declassified FBI files expose a surprising twist in the legacy of Edward VIII. In 1941, President Roosevelt had the Duke of Windsor investigated for suspicion of sympathizing with Nazi Germany. What the investigation found was an astonishing plot to put Edward VIII on Britain's throne as Hitlers Nazi puppet. Under different circumstances, could this relationship have changed history as we know it? 


The castles of Britain may appear romantic, but hidden within their walls are tales of intrigue and violence. In the this series historian and author Dan Jones returns to uncover the dramatic stories behind a new set of iconic fortifications, including Edinburgh Castle, a fortress whose sordid history inspired the shocking ‘Red Wedding’ episode of Game of Thrones; Leeds Castle, an idyllic structure owned by six medieval queens and an American-born heiress; and Lancaster Castle, one of Britain’s oldest and most notorious strongholds.

Arundel Castle - Dan Jones is in the heart of the English countryside at Arundel Castle. Though it may appear tranquil today, for centuries this picture perfect castle had its share of turbulent times.