Ready To Mix With Basel Society? Here's How

Dec 4, 2012

Art Basel opens Thursday for the 11th year of staging the "most prestigious art show in the Americas."  

READY TO PARTY: There is a long list of parties and social events associated with this year's 'bigger, richer, snobbier' Art Basel.

So, if anything is prestigious at Art Basel, everything must be prestigious at Art Basel. The New York Times describes the event this way: "bigger, richer, longer and, if it’s possible, snobbier than ever before."

With no more than a ritual emphasis of "richer" and "snobbier," we present herewith a list of the Top 10 Basel events, which the  Times compiled for us because, frankly, we had a little problem with a doorman.

We understand, 10 events is but a lazy afternoon for a dedicated Baselphile such as yourself. So, we got our friends at SocialMiami to expand the list a little.