The Promise Of Civic Renewal In America

Nov 12, 2013


11/12/13 - Tomorrow’s Topical Currents is with Tufts University professor Peter Levine.  He’s a strong proponent of civic renewal and good citizenship in the United States. Levine has written:  WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.  Chronic unemployment, deindustrialized cities, and political polarization, he says, should revitalize a fragile civic life and restore the role of citizens. What is the state of the American Democracy? In the second half of the program, a discussion about Miami Book Fair International with Mitch Kaplan and Alina Interián. That’s Topical Currents Tuesday at 1pm.

Video from Peter's website

Citizens Want A Bigger Role from Jeffrey Abelson on Vimeo.