President Obama At FIU: 'Hillary Made Me A Better President'

Nov 3, 2016

In what will likely be his last trip to Miami as sitting president, President Barack Obama campaigned Thursday afternoon on behalf of the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, at Florida International University’s south campus.

Standing in front of large, white letters that read, “I’m with her,” President Obama made his support for the Democratic nominee extremely clear. 

Clinton campaign surrogates such Sen. Bill Nelson, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Congressman Patrick Murphy addressed the approximately 4,500 people who filled the FIU arena before the president took the stage. 

Murphy, the Democratic Senate nominee,  attacked his opponent, Sen. Marco Rubio, over still supporting the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Murphy said of Rubio, “When Donald Trump goes low, Marco Rubio is right there with him.”

Introducing  Nelson, Murphy said, “Together we will be the two hardest working senators this state has ever had.”

Nelson mentioned how he considers both Sen. Tim Kaine, Clinton's vice presidential running mate,  and Clinton family friends.  “Hillary in private is the same as she is in public,” said Nelson.

President Obama took the stage and his message was clear: Vote, vote early and vote for Hillary Clinton.  Obama said his goal is to “finish what we started eight years ago.”

“With the right leadership. I think that with Hillary, it will. I think that Hillary, she’s demonstrated for years that she cares about everybody, that she supports different races, different financial brackets that people come from," said Avon Park resident, Becky Tyson. "With Trump, I feel that he doesn’t promote that, that he doesn’t support and embrace that diversity.”

President Obama continued campaigning in Florida for Clinton, making a stop in Jacksonville later Thursday afternoon.