Pinecrest Woman Gets Closer To Becoming State Democratic Party Chair

Nov 16, 2012

Annette Taddeo's race to become the chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party just got a little easier. 

Annette Taddeo: A frequent Obama surrogate, she's running for the state Democratic Party chair.
Credit Taddeo Congressional campaign

Term-limited state Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, has taken himself out of the running  because he just won a position as Orange County's tax collector.

Taddeo, who lives in Pinecrest, a wealthy suburban area in south Miami-Dade, was a Hispanic surrogate for the Obama campaign during this past election. She has also run unsuccessfully for public office in the past few years.

She says she is "very proud of Scott" for winning his race for tax collector. Taddeo also says if she wins the chairmanship, she would want to continue the work she did for the Obama campaign.

"I want to continue what the Obama campaign did: getting more people to register to vote and vote by mail and grow [the Democratic Party's] minority base," she says.

She says she likes the direction the party is going in and wants the Democrats to continue to do well following this past successful election.

"I'm very proud of what we accomplished," Taddeo says. "I feel very good about the future of our party."

Alan Clendenin from Hillsborough County is also running for the chairmanship.

However, in order for Taddeo to win, she will first have to be elected chairwoman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.