Palm Beach Sued Over Signature Issue on Absentee Ballots

Nov 2, 2012

Palm Beach woman is suing her elections supervisor for not counting her absentee ballot.
Credit Morten Wulff/ Flickr

Here at WLRN, we've gotten a report of at least one person was allowed to vote in South Florida because officials did not believe the signature on his ballot was indeed his.

A Broward election official said situations like this could be remedied by a voter simply updating their signature in person at the supervisor of elections office in the county they vote in.

However, it hasn't been that easy for some folks who face losing their vote because of problems with absentee ballots.

In particular, one woman is now suing Palm Beach Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher, because her absentee ballot is not being counted.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

Well-known Palm Beach County abortion rights activist Mona Reis on Friday will get to ask a judge to let her vote in person after the election canvassing board last week rejected her absentee ballot because the three officials didn’t believe the signature on it was hers.

The emergency hearing, that could impact dozens of voters who had their absentee ballots thrown out because of bad signatures, was scheduled shortly after Reis on Wednesday sued Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher in Palm Beach County Circuit Court.

Florida currently has very strict signature requirements. Voters who were planning to vote absentee this year were urged to update their signatures. However, not all of them did. 

Groups pushed vote by mail this year because there are less early days this year. However, the messuage urging voters to update their signature flew under the radar.