Obama And Romney's Big South Florida Donors

Oct 12, 2012

Not only are South Florida's votes key to the upcoming presidential election, but its residents are some big donors to the presidential campaigns, as well.

South Florida Business Journal rounded up some of the biggest donors in the region to both President Obama and Mitt Romney's campaigns. 

The Journal found that even though Miami-Dade is known for having a lot of Cuban-American Republicans in its electorate, the biggest donors to Obama's campaign live in Miami-Dade-- more specifically, Miami Beach.

Two out of the top three donors to Romney live in Palm Beach.

Obama Donors

  • Marco Muniz, aka Marc Anthony, in Miami Beach. The famous Latin music singer contributed $75,800 to the Obama campaign.
  • Stephen Zack in Miami Beach. He gave $65,800 to the Obama campaign. Zack is a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP and was the the first Hispanic American to be president of the American Bar Association, the Journal reports.
  • Sherri Esformes in Miami Beach. Esformes is a homemaker who donated $50,000 to the Obama campaign.

Romney Donors

  • Wilbur and Hilary Ross in Palm Beach. Both have made $75,800 contributions to Romney's campaign. Wilbur is part of an investment firm that helped out Bank United after it was taken over by regulators.
  • Robert Walter in Palm Beach. Walter, who founded Cardinal Health, also donated contributed $75,800 to the Romney campaign.
  • Anthony and Sandra Tamer in Coral Gables. Each gave $75,000 each to Romney, who is reportedly a friend of Anthony's, the Journal reports. Anthony is currently the president of HIG Capital, a private equity company.