Nightline Showcases Miami International Airport Security

Oct 19, 2012

ABC's Nightline profiled Miami International Airport's security this week. 

The news show talked to security personnel at MIA about what they see in the airport day to day and the extensive amount of people, dogs and machinery used to keep the airport safe.

In true Miami fashion, security personnel mentioned that in their time working at MIA they have witnessed people smuggling birds, body parts and even human fetuses (which are used as part of a Haitian ritual) in their luggage.

However, birds and body parts are not the primary targets for MIA security. The head of security there, Lauren Stover, says that they are diligently looking for terrorists-- and they have indeed caught some.

"We know for a fact that we are still the prime target for terrorism in the United States," Stover tells Nightline. "And for us, we know there are threats here. There are insider threats, there is the threat of people coming into the country ... there are people out there that are financing terrorism through Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups."