NEWSCAST: Scouring through the mudslinging

Nov 6, 2012

Aaron Sharockman of PolitiFact Florida discusses what is partly true and what is an outright lie in the world of politics with Phil Latzman.

If your final decision on who to vote for was based primarily on what one party accused the other of, break out those washcloths: Phil Latzman cleaned up and broke down those loaded political half-truths on the player above. Latzman sat down with Aaron Sharockman of PolitiFact Florida to discuss the senatorial and presidential races, and uncover the other halves of the truths that Mack, Nelson, Obama and Romney may have conveniently left out. 

"That's one of the things we found in this race: That there are a lot of attacks going back and forth, and most of them don't really have the full context that the voters really need to hear," Sharockman stated, before citing some examples.

You can listen to the entire audio clip above. Happy voting!