NEWSCAST: Cue 'Mission Impossible' music, voters jumping hurdles to cast their vote

Nov 6, 2012

Voters outside St Stephen's Lutheran Church in Pompano Beach.
Credit Chris DiMattei

For Cindy Gonzalez, an entrepreneur voting in Pompano Beach, the hoops and hurdles jumped to cast her vote couldn't have been any higher. Not only did she find out that she couldn't vote in her county (Broward) on Sunday, but she was unable to vote absentee in either of the neighboring counties, as well, and to vote absentee the next day, she had to commute to either Lauderhill or downtown Fort Lauderdale. 

"So I got up, drove over to Lauderhill, get over there with my absentee ballot, get to the front of the line... the policeman says, 'Do you have an appointment?' And I said, 'No.' He said, 'Well, then, you can't drop off your ballot.'"

She was able to vote today with no problems; however, other voters can't share the sentiment, as they are hindered by the wait in some polling places. Some are reporting long lines, while others had to give up because they had to go to work. There are some stations where people were lucky to wait less than an hour to cast a ballot or not at all.

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