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Jul 25, 2014

Nature - Kangaroo Mob (8:00 pm)

Black Spot, leader of a mob of street-smart kangaroos, moving into Australia’s capital city with a female kangaroo.

Meet the mob of street-smart kangaroos moving into Australia’s capital city and the ecologists who follow their every move. Over the course of one drought-stricken year, follow mob leader, Black Spot, and kangaroo mother, Madge, with her two young joeys — mischievous Sonny and tiny pouch-bound Alice. This is a look at what happens when human development encroaches on wildlife habitat and two very different species are forced to co-exist.

My Wild Affair - THE ELEPHANT WHO FOUND A MOM (9:00 pm)

Credit PBS

This is the heartbreaking story of Aisha, the baby elephant orphan, and Daphne Sheldrick, the woman who became her human foster parent. Their intense bond reaches a crisis point when Daphne leaves Aisha with a babysitter for a few days to attend her daughter’s wedding. Aisha believes she has lost Daphne for good and refuses to eat, leading to her death. Heartbroken, Daphne uses the lessons learned from Aisha’s short life to help her save more than 150 orphans over the next 40 years.