Mother Knows Best and Midsomer Life

Apr 12, 2017

8pm DOC MARTIN: Mother Knows Best - Comedy/Drama - Louisa's mother arrives unexpectedly and she is far from happy about her arrival.

The first annual Portwenn charity fun run leads to a rivalry between Bert Large's restaurant and a local pub. Louisa's mother, Eleanor, shows up unannounced, and while Louisa isn't happy to see her, the baby is sleeping more soundly under Eleanor's care and proves to be a very useful baby-sitter - until it transpires that her soothing herbal infusion that she put in the baby's food contains alcohol.

9pm MIDSOMER MURDERS: Midsomer Life - Crime/Drama

When a man who's been missing for two weeks is found dead in the woods near Midsomer, Barnaby finds connections between him and a magazine editor known for his killing reviews of local hotels and restaurants.